An unwavering investment philosophy implemented by experienced professionals guide our process.Al Khalifa Finance House has 10 eventful years of Investment & financial management experience. We have 20 Investment professionals and many of them have not less than 15 years' experience in the industry.

With a wealth of investment experience under various past economic and market conditions we believe our investment professionals are capable of making well-informed and unbiased investment decisions, even under difficult market conditions.

Our highly experienced professionals aim to deliver the best investment results taking full advantage of all investment and research resources of the broader Al Khalifa Finance House family.  

Investment management is the professional asset management of various securities (shares, bonds and other securities) and other assets (e.g., real estate) in order to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors. Investors may be institutions (insurance companies, pension funds, corporations, charities, educational establishments etc.) or private investors (both directly via investment contracts and more commonly via collective investment schemes e.g. mutual funds or exchange-traded funds).

Investment Management

We consider market inefficiency as a primary source of excess returns. Through our bottom-up fundamental analysis, we exploit gaps between intrinsic value and current market prices of assets.

We consistently gain excess returns over the medium/long-term 

While each Fund Manager has extensive investment experience, our collective thinking is enhanced by the capabilities of our research analysts. We gain excess returns through a systematic decision-making process.

Al Khalifa Finance House Investor Access team advises clients which investors they should meet and arranges highly targeted investor roadshows to key investors across Europe/Middle East and the US. We provide complete access to the buy-side from the largest institutional investors to private client wealth managers. The foundation of our service lies in our unparalleled investor targeting skills coupled with year-round proactive investor communications.

Executive interviews are a new digital way of communicating your business’s story to investors. We use professional interviewers, with questions being prepared by our analysts who have specialist knowledge of your company and sector. The professionally packaged interview is distributed and available globally

We take on risks for the sources of excess returns and eliminate unintended risks to the utmost. Our strategies apply the firm’s overall investment philosophy described above, but each strategy has its own unique investment approach and style. We will listen and respond to your needs to help you pursue successful long-term outcomes.

We will regularly inspect and analyze the key factors affecting your portfolio, making sure our decisions are based on strong evidence and can offer you a multi-asset approach powered by core capabilities created in response to customers needs: capital markets insights, manager research, portfolio construction, portfolio implementation, and indexes.

We will seek out the best investment strategies for you, whether they are internal toInternational Wealth Consult or exist elsewhere and will focus on your total portfolio performance, beyond simply assets and asset allocation: our multi-asset approach combines asset allocation, manager selection, and dynamic portfolio management.

We will share our years of consulting experience with you and your team and you will benefit from our experiences working with some of the world's most sophisticated investors. Our team will take care of all the plan administration details so you can focus on your core business. Moreso you can expect a competitive price from us,

We recognize the money we manage represents the hard work and savings of real people like you. Or, if you represent a non-profit organization, the money needs to be there in the long run to fulfill important missions. We understand what’s at stake. That’s why we work to deliver real, lasting value. And that’s why we’re committed to our purpose: improving financial security for people.

The Professional Approach

We provide domestic public and private pension clients, domestic retail clients as well as foreign institutional investors with a wide range of investment products by fully utilizing our know-how and extensive investment experience 


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